About author

For Ivan Hećimović, an art photographer from Zagreb, Croatia, reality in black-and-white photography creates new and different feelings and dimensions, although the experience is none the less in finely harmonized hues in color photography.

Through harmony, minimalism, geometry and contrast, he halts a given frame before him, a moment that is immediately afterwards gone forever, save in the photograph taken. He does his best for the subjects to be pleasant and positive, there being too many of the others around us anyway.

In the short time in which he has been into art photography he has taken part in a large number of international competitions and exhibitions held under the aegis of FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique – the International Federation of Art Photography) and other international associations and organisations, and has won numerous medals and commendations.

In the same manner he has taken part in competitions and exhibitions in Croatia, and at international competitions through selected photos with the Croatian Photographic Union.

His membership in the Picok Photographic and cinematic club of Đurđevac, a city in the heart of the region called Podravina, a town that proudly bears the prestigious title of European Destination of Excellence, or EDEN, also involves him in domestic and international exhibitions.

This place, in which he grew up, a place of numerous excellent artists, art photographers, writers, globally acknowledged fine artists of the distinctive orientation in art known as the Naïve, a place and region of rich culture and art of both past and present, placed alongside the sands of the Croatian Sahara, between inspiring fairytale hills with indigenous vineyards, and the unique beauty of that European Amazon the Drava River, has afforded him a crucial view of photography as art photography. His engagement with fine art in his early youth also made its contribution to the kind of photographs he takes.

The process? Looking, seeing, halting and enjoying.